Privacy Policy

Your data is precious!

That is why Gauvain makes every effort to ensure that you are informed aboutits use and protection in an accurate and transparent way.

We have updated our privacy policy in line with the General Data ProtectionRegulation, which came into effect on May 25th, and which standardises Europeanlaw on the protection of the personal data of customers and users.

Here you will find the details of our privacy policy:

Processingyour personal data:

We use your data in thecontext of carrying out your orders or purchases.

Excluding data processed within this context, usage relies exclusively on yourconsent, which you are able to withdraw at any time. This processing is usedfor the purposes of customer relationship monitoring, the implementation of aloyalty programme and in commercial prospection. We inform you that your datamay also be subject to further processing for statistical purposes.


Therecipients of your personal data:

The recipients of yourpersonal data are the customer relationship management service as well as theIT service, and the providers charged with operations planned by by our loyaltyprogramme and our commercial animation programme, who are authorised to processyour data. We promise not to disclose or sell your personal data to third partypartners.


The lengthof time your data will be stored:

It is kept for 3 yearsafter the last contact between yourself and us. It is kept within the EU.

You have more rights:

You have the right toaccess, rectify, oppose, delete and limit the processing and portability ofyour personal data, under the conditions set out in the Regulation. For anyrequest to exercise your rights, you can send an email addressed to hello@gauvainparis.comor a letter to Gauvain Paris – 133 rue Saint-Dominique – 75007 Paris. Allrequests must be accompanied by proof of identity.

We have therefore updated the General Conditions of Sale and the GeneralConditions of Use of the loyalty program, in order to inform you in particularof the new rights you have, and to show you how to access your data.

Additionally, we have appointed a Data Protection Officer and uploaded a helppage.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions.



A cookie is a small filestocked by your browser, on the hard drive of your device (computer, tablet orsmartphone) when you visit a website such as Gauvain website.
It contains information on the browsing done on our website pages.
We are using cookies in order to offer you the best possible experience on ourwebsite, to facilitate your navigation and optimize our services. Indeed, thecookies allows us to recognize you and to get you connected automatically, inparticular by saving the settings and the preferences you chose during yourformer visits, or also by storing the products you put in your shopping cart.
Cookies are also used to process statistics and information on website traffic,in particular to ensure that it is working normally.

Cookies do not damage your devices and cannot be used to personally identifyyou.

We use four kinds of cookies:

Technical cookies: They are used to ensure the browsing on the website, to useits functions and to record your preferences (for example, it is used to add anarticle to your shopping cart).
Identification and personalization: The website stores your preferences (forexample: your user name, your language or your geographic location). Itfacilitates and personalizes your browsing experience.
Analysis and performance cookies: they allow us to measure various indicators:number of visitors, visited pages.
Advertising or targeting cookies: they are used to serve ads likely to interestyou. They mainly aim to limit the number of times you are solicited by an add,and they help us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

This consent is considered valid for a period of a maximum of 13 months, incompliance with the General Regulation on Data Protection.

We will soon update our website to provide you with new functions and thusimprove your browsing experience. This way, you will be able to personalizeyour cookie preferences.


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